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Our Music

The following samples are songs recorded at a live performance of "ELLADA"  What you hear is what you get!  "ELLADA's" equipment is state of the art, with the highest quality sound at each performance. 
No venue is too small or too big for "ELLADA"

      Introduction    Georgos Soffos, Dino

     Zeimbekiko   Elias, Soffos, Dino

     Hasapiko   Elias, Soffos, Dino

     Tsiftetelli    Elias, Soffos, Dino

     Kalamatiano   Elias, Soffos, Dino

     Tsamiko     Elias, Soffos, Dino

     Sousta      Soffos, Dino

    Deftero Sirto     Elias, Dino, Soffos

     Deftero Zeimbekiko    Elias, Soffos, Dino

     Deftero Kalamatiano   Elias, Soffos, Dino

     Instrumental Soffos    Soffos, Dino

Call Now for available dates and Booking information:  Dino Theofilos   941-448-4936 
e-mail   DNooo@aol.com

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